Salclear Scubasorb® is an underwater photographic pack designed to assist those involved in subsurface photography.

The product is designed to counter those problems experienced in underwater photography associated with fogging, misting, condensation, humidity and water ingress into camera equipment.

Our company expertise has a background in providing technology based solutions to problems experienced in the sports and leisure industry, and we create products to counter these. Salclear Scubasorb® is just one example, where here we apply our knowledge and expertise to the issues associated with the misting and fogging of underwater camera housings, camera lenses, lights and strobes and of course scuba diving masks.

Additionally we designed the Scubasorb® pack to provide a neat solution to minor leakages into the camera housing, associated perhaps with faulty closures, seals or 'o' rings; as well as potentially catastrophic failure of the integrity of the housing itself.

We are not saying that we can prevent water damage to your value equipment per se, but Salclear Scubasorb® provides the closest solution we know to eliminating the problems associated with water or water vapour condensate in underwater photography.


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